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Terms and Conditions

Personal Information - Privacy

We (The Firebombs Team) do not store any information that you do not share with us, at any time. The only information that we store is the information you provide (name, email, phone number, etc.) when you sign up to our site and it is only for communication purposes. All information is stored on Wix secure servers. No personal information is shared with any other third-parties. If you have any concerns please refer to Wix's privacy policy.


We also do not store your bank details or any of that information as we actually do not handle any of that, everything is handled through PayPal and Stripe, if you have any concerns regarding the information they keep please check their privacy policies.

All of the social information is handled by the different social media webpages used throughout the site, we do not receive any of that information. 

Store and Shipping

We (The Firebombs Team) are currently handling shipping ourselves and sending everything from Sweden via Postnord. For this reason, we cannot guarantee the shipping fees or delivery times will be accurate. We will try to the best of our ability to keep the information updated, but consider that we do not take part in any process regarding shipping beyond handing out the package to Postnord. Shipping contact information is stored on your receipt and your account should you choose to share it with us for future purchases.

 All orders placed before 13 p.m. Central European Time will be shipped the same day, after that they will be sent in the next business day.

In some cases, we might not be able to fulfill our side of the deal due to shortage of items, or external circumstances that are out of our control. In those cases, we will be more than happy to refund your purchases or schedule the delivery for another time if you prefer. We are very grateful for your continuous support and will try our best to keep it that way.


We want our Firebomb family to be as happy as possible and we will do our best to live up to your expectations. Consider we are a team of 3 members currently handling everything related to the band, 3 beer drinking, hard rocking musical friends, not lawyers, managers, financial experts, logistic masters or anything of the sort, so please bear with us as we grow as a band. We promise we will not let you down!

If you have any feedback please contact us so we can make your experience as great as we can, we are more than happy to read you.

Thanks again for your support and understanding, remember it's only rock n' roll!

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