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Debut Album Available now!

Debut Album Available now!

The Firebombs Rock N Roll Never Grow Old
With catchy, high energy, friendly hard rock songs influenced by the 70's, 80's and a bit of 90's: We are The Firebombs & hope you like it, simply!
Jesse K - Lead Vocals and Guitars
Martin Hallman - Percussions
Donnie Lobato - Backing Vocals and Bass




Live Show


"Dude, we have to start a band!" exclaimed Martin after listening to Jesse’s self-recorded demos. The band had already been formed by Jesse K back in 2016 but having second thoughts after his time with the band Danger, The Firebombs were put on hold after little less than a year. Jesse is the only member left from that time. Jesse and Martin had come to know each other through their passion for motorcycling and live music. 

A friend of Jesse K, bass player “Donnie” from Mexico was finally added to the band. In February 2021, the trio met for the first time in a rehearsal room in Vetlanda to play some of Jesse’s demos. 

The trio loved the songs, listened, and rehearsed individually almost around the clock. The chemistry was instant and after just seven rehearsals together, in June, the band finally went into the studio to record their debut album. 

For those who have not yet heard, we would define our music as really good beer-friendly and catchy Rock N’ Roll/Hard Rock with influences from the 70s, 80s, and a bit of 90s. We are very proud with our debut album that is amazingly well produced by Jesse K. We have found a mean, fat sound together that suits our music. We do not want to compare ourselves with other bands or drop any names, so now it is up to our listeners to judge by themselves.  

"Currently, we have released our music digitally and this winter our debut album comes on vinyl. We have many good songs for a second album already, but now it is time to fully focus on the release party and live shows. It is an exciting future! As a musician, it is difficult to survive today but we just hope people will like what we do and come see us live and buy some merch so we can continue to rock hard. We think what we are doing is great shit, and with our chemistry we are convinced we will be noticed both through our music and on stage." 



Label / The Firebombs
Management / The Firebombs
Booking / The Firebombs,
Press / The Firebombs, 
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